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So, you're thinking of relocating to Charlotte, NC, or you're already living in Charlotte, NC, and you want to know why Charlotte, NC is so freaking awesome to live? Well, then this video is for you.

My name is Eli Magids, and I'm a realtor here in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in luxury homes and new-home construction. If you want to know all the best about Charlotte, then please hit the red button below. Please subscribe so that you'll be notified every time I upload a brand new video every Tuesday. Stay tuned to the very end, where you're going to get my free homebuyer's guide, which could potentially save you thousands.

Let's go check out the best of Charlotte, NC.

Number one up on my list is Tiger World. Tiger World is one of my favorite places here in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's actually located in Rockwell, North Carolina, and I'm shocked by the number of people who don't know about it. What Tiger World is is an endangered species wildlife preservation reserve. Non-profit. What they do is they go out and they get these wild animals; tigers, lions, bears, kangaroos, wolves. You name it, they got it. They get phenomenal vet care. Again, it's non-profit. They have come a long way since I've been living here, and it is one of the places where you can get so up close and personal with these wild animals that it's far better than any zoo that I have ever been to in my life, and I've been to a lot of zoos. It comes in second only to where I've been to Africa on a safari, getting up close and personal to these animals. So, if you get nothing else from this video, I want you to go Tiger World in Rockwell, North Carolina. My number one spot.

Another one of the great things that I love about living here in Charlotte, North Carolina, is Cars and Coffee. Cars and Coffee is every first Saturday of the month. Thousands of people come together, bring their cars, and it is just one big fun party where everybody's checking out everybody's cars. You will get everything there. From Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, you name it, they got it. Rolls Royce, and then you also get your hopped up Dodges and your fancy BMWs. Almost every car you could potentially think of and want to see is going to be at Cars and Coffees. Now, they change locations occasionally, so I would look them up on Facebook; Cars and Coffee, Charlotte. Find out where their location is. It's usually held on the first Saturday of every month from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Lots of fun. Don't go too fast. They do have police there watching.

Another cool thing that a lot of people don't know about here in Charlotte is a sculpture by a Czech artist called Metalmorphosis. It's down in Steele Creek in an office industrial complex that you can easily get to. It is so super cool. It's in the shape of a human head, moving parts in a water-reflecting pool. They've got other ones all around the world. He's got other sculptures, this Czech sculptor. Really cool to check out. Metalmorphosis.

Next up is the Whitewater Center, Charlotte. Also called the National Whitewater Center, located in the Steele Creek area of Charlotte, the south part of Charlotte. It is where the Olympians do their training for the Whitewater Olympics, but it is open to the public. You can go whitewater rafting, kayaking. You can do rock climbing, where if you fall, you end up falling into a plunge pool. It's really cool. There are zip lines, there are mountains to climb, there are biking trails. It's an outdoor paradise. They also have a green area where they have nighttime concerts in the evenings, obviously, and it is just an outdoor dream. It's open to the public, and it's one of Charlotte's jewels. That's the Whitewater Center, Charlotte. Don't miss it.

For those of you who like crazy rides and getting nauseous, we have the world-famous Carowinds. Carowinds is an amusement park. It has two of the largest steel rollercoasters in all of North America. Actually, one of them is the largest. I think it's called The Fury. They have a water park as well, so if that's your thing, Carowinds is the place to go. Kids are going to love it. Now, one thing about Carowinds, they have, I think it's about 12 or 13, huge rollercoasters, making it number five in the world for the number of rollercoasters located in one park. Carowinds, in the fall, they have SCarowinds, where they make it creepy. They have lights during December for Christmas, so Carowinds is a major attraction here in Charlotte. If you've got kids, great. If you love rides, great. If you get sick with rides, maybe not so good.

Now, I have a question for you. If you go to Carowinds and there's 13 rollercoasters, the largest rollercoasters in North America; fast ones that go 95 miles an hour, are you, A, going on a rollercoaster, or B, watching the other people go on the rollercoasters, and eating ice cream? Please comment below, and let me know which one you're going to do.

Next up on my list is also in the Steele Creek area, which is in the southwest portion of Charlotte, is Charlotte Premium Outlets. So, we've never hard outlets here before in Charlotte until about four years ago. They built the Charlotte Premium Outlets. Go. Go to Coach. Go to Neiman Marcus. Whatever you want to do. You can go, go shopping. When they built this place, after it's been built, there's been a complete revitalization of the area, so it has been awesome. It's a great place to go shopping.

Another one of the great things about living here in Charlotte is the newly built Top Golf. Now, if you don't know what Top Golf is, it's literally three stories of golfing; one, two, three, right? It's a driving range. You can go putting. They have indoor activities where you can play pool. They have food. It's kind of like great for a date night. It's great for the kids. It's great for family. It's good for functions. It's just an awesome place. If you don't know how to play golf, it's still fun. It's kind of like going bowling but with golf. Very very cool place. Great addition to Charlotte. Top Golf, Charlotte.

Another one on my favorite list of things to do here in Charlotte and all about Charlotte, NC, is the Lazy 5 Ranch, located in Mooresville. Now, the Lazy 5 Ranch has got wild animals. Not like your lions and tigers and bears like you have at Tiger World, but you've got your antelope and your zebra and your giraffe. They're free to roam around, and you sit in your car and you drive through. You can open up your windows. You can purchase food. You can feed them. They'll stick their faces actually inside your car. Very very cool place. I would warn if you have a really nice car that you're worried about, they will jump up on your car and kind of scratch the sides, so they do have a wagon that you can go around the park in, which I recommend if you don't want to destroy your car. Lazy 5 Ranch, Charlotte, North Carolina.

For those of you looking for something inexpensive or free, actually, free, is the Charlotte Airport. CLT Airport Overlook. What it is is a little park. It's actually a relatively big park with picnic tables, benches, overlooking the runways at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. Now, Charlotte-Douglas International Airport is actually the sixth busiest airport in the world, yet not in the country, not in the state, but like, in the world. It's the sixth busiest airport in the world. It's going under complete extensive renovation and extensions. New terminals. But a great day or great afternoon out is to go to the Charlotte Overlook. Google it. They'll give you an address. Go to the park. Watch the planes take off, land. Phenomenal. Free. Great for everybody. One of my favorite things to do here. Me and my son, we go there all the time. By the way, the address for the Charlotte Airport Overlook is 7300 Old Dowd Road.

So, while you're at the airport at the Overlook, go over to the Carolina Aviation Museum. That's where the Miracle on the Hudson plane is located. They actually took it out of the Hudson. They moved it down to Charlotte, and it's here at the museum. You can go in, take a look at it. It is really really cool. They have other exhibits as well with other planes. They also have the timeline and the history of the landing of the Hudson. You guys know the movie, Sully. You can actually see the plane. Very cool. I have a friend of mine down here who was actually on the plane when it was on its way from La Guardia Airport, coming to Charlotte. So, I highly recommend Carolina Aviation Museum. Sully's plane. Flight 1549 is right here at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport at the Carolina Aviation Museum.

Next up is the Quarry at Carrigan Farms. So, it's located in Mooresville. Carrigan Farms is a farm, but there's a quarry on their property filled with natural spring water. In the summertime, they open up, and you can go swimming in this quarry, which is so cool. You can jump in off the rocks. You can swing in off of ropes that they have, these high ropes. They have different levels where you can jump off of. Higher and lower, or you can actually just walk in. You do have to wear a life preserver unless you pass a test for them, but it is so much fun. Kids are going to love it. Adults are going to love it. On a hot day, it's great. You have to check the hours of operation. They do not open every single day. They do have lifeguards. It is safe. It's an awesome place to go and spend a day. The Quarry at Carrigan Farms.

So, these are some of the coolest things in all of Charlotte, NC. If you're thinking of moving to Charlotte, NC, or living already in Charlotte, and you're looking for a home, give me a call. My name is Eli. I'm at 704-620-0060. Remember, I'm not selling a home. What I'm offering you is trust.

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So, I have another question. If you go to the quarry, are you A, jumping in from the small jump, B, jumping in from the big jump, or C, sitting on the side, on the grass, watching everybody else have fun? Please comment below and let me know.

I just want to let you know to look out for part two of this video because I couldn't squeeze everything into this one video. I thank you so much for watching, and until next time.