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Do you want to know the best neighborhoods in Charlotte? For Real? Well, if you do, then this video is a must-watch. My name is Eli Magids, and I am a realtor here in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in beautiful homes and in new construction. If you have never seen you before, please go ahead and hit the subscribe button, the little red button. Hit the bell so that every time I upload a new video, you'll be notified, and make sure you stay tuned to the very end of this video where you'll get my free insider's guide to Charlotte Real Estate. After this video, you will know about the five funkiest places to live in all of Charlotte.

One of the trendiest and one of the biggest hotspots in all of Charlotte is an area called Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a historic district. It's the second street car neighborhood of Charlotte after Dilworth, and it's got these historic homes, bungalows. It's a cool vibe that's going on there in Elizabeth. Homes there go from about $300,000 up to a million dollars. They have some cool restaurants, great restaurants' scene, but Elizabeth is one of the coolest hotspots in all of Charlotte to live. My next cool, really funky area is called Plaza Midwood or Midwood. It is also very, very close to uptown Charlotte, makes it very expensive, but it is cool. Also, it is very inclusive. Homes there are going to go anywhere from about 390,000 up to about two and a half million dollars. It's gritty, it's dirty, it's cool. Tattoo parlors, bars, cool restaurants, music venues. It's hip, and it's really one of the nicest places to live, graffiti all over the place and it's fun just to go down there and walk around. One of the famous restaurants down there is called the Peculiar Rabbit, so check that out.

Another cool funky place is Nodo, which is short for north of Davidson. It is the Arts District of Charlotte. It's got cool, funky art galleries. It's got a cool, funky vibe. The restaurants and bars are cool and funky. There's Cabo fish tacos there, which was on Diners, Drive ins and Dives or whatever that show is called, and it's just a really, cool place to live. It's young. On the younger side. Homes go from about 290,000 up to about $800,000. There are some homes that had been knocked down. New ones have been built up and there are also a bunch of condos that are being built in Noda as well. So if you're looking for a cool, funky vibe, kind of like Soho from New York, Noda would be a place that you would want to check out. What kind of neighborhood are you looking for?

What kind of neighborhood do you live in right now? Are you looking for like cool or are you looking more like upscale and yuppie like or are you looking more for a neighborhood with a suburban feel. Let me know, in the comments below what you like, what you're looking for and where you're living now.

Another cool and upcoming and funky place is called the South End. Now the South End is very close to another neighborhood, which I'm going to talk about in a minute called Dilworth. It's right off of south boulevard. What makes this place cool is a, it's close to Dilworth, but b, it's developing its own feel and fun nature. There's a mill there, Atherton Mill, which has kind of been redone and there are restaurants. It's an up and coming area. It's got the Cat's line, the links line, which is going straight into uptown, so it's kinda like a subway that goes right from that area in South End, right to uptown, so it is so, so convenient. It's also a very young area and up and coming. There's lots of room for it to grow, but it has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. There are homes there in an area called Sedgefield and there are condos available as well. But again, South End is really a cool, funky place. I actually did a review on one of the restaurants there. It's called Oku, a Japanese restaurant. So if you're interested, I'll put the link down below.

The granddaddy of the funky cool neighborhoods is Dilworth. Dilworth was the first street car neighborhood in Charlotte, actually Edison came down here and talked about electricity and that's how they developed the streetcar going into Dilworth, so my favorite spot is Dilworth. I love Dilworth. It's walkable. It's got great shopping. It's got great restaurants. It's a bit pricey. Homes can go from $600,000 for a small, tiny bungalow up to about $1,700,000 or $1,800,000 and not for a huge house either, but because of the location close to uptown Charlotte it's one of the most desirable areas to live in all the Charlotte metropolitan area. You've got tree lined streets. It's family friendly. It's just one of the nicest neighborhoods to live in. Very close to South End. You can get to uptown in minutes. Nothing not to like about Dilworth.

East Boulevard runs right through, restaurants, alongside both sides of East Boulevard where they've taken over homes and put restaurants into them. Very classy places. 300 East is a restaurant that I particularly like and it was featured on a Guy Fieri show. Diners, Drive ins and Dives. I think that's what it's called. Anyway, it's a cool place. Dilworth is cool. If it's something that might interest you, there are homes there and there are condos.

Now you've heard about and seen some of the coolest best places in all of Charlotte to live. They are funky. They're close to uptown, they're convenient, and they're a little pricey for what you're getting, but you can't put a price on coolness. Right? If you are moving to Charlotte, if you're relocating from somewhere else in California or New York and you need help and assistance, I would love to help you.

My name is Eli. I'm at 704-620-0060 my number is down here. If you're looking to see what's available for sale, check out my website, go over to my YouTube channel, see some of the neighborhoods, I will have the links below. Also, grab the link below for my free Charlotte Real Estate pdf, which you can download and find out all the information about Charlotte real estate. If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up. Please share it with your friends. Please hit the red button, subscribe, do everything that you can do to send it out to all your friends and family. I certainly appreciate it. Of all the neighborhoods that I just discussed, which one do you think would fit in best for you? Would it be Elizabeth? Would it be Noda? Would it be Dilworth, would it be South End or would it be Plaza Midwood? Let me know, in the comments below and if you're not sure, just comment with the word Charlotte. I thank you so much for watching. I'm always looking out for you. If you have any questions, you know how to reach me and until next time.