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Do you know the best places to live in Charlotte, North Carolina? If you want to find out, stay tuned to this video.

My name is Eli Magids, I am a realtor here I Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in very pretty homes, luxury homes, and new construction. I'd really love it if you would subscribe by hitting the red button down below, hitting the bell, so that you'll be notified when I upload a new video. Please stay tuned to the very end of the video where I'm going to give you a free Charlotte Insiders Guide. In this video, you will find out my top five best places to live in all of Charlotte.

One of my favorite places to live in all of Charlotte is the world famous Myers Park. Myers Park is known throughout the country as one of the most premier neighborhoods of any of the neighborhoods located in the country. It is old school money, it is beautiful. It is tree-lined, the houses are spectacular, drop dead gorgeous. They are older, they're from the 1900s, a lot of them have been completely redone inside. Some of them have been knocked down and new ones have been put up in their place. There are joggers, there are babies, there are parents, there are bicycles, there are skateboarders. There is everything going on in Myers Park. It is gorgeous. There is nothing not to like. Location is ideal, right close to uptown Charlotte.

The only thing not to like, perhaps, are the prices. You can spend $800,000 or $1 million for a knockdown, to knockdown a house and build a new one. I'd say that you could actually purchase a home probably in the sixes, up to $8 or $9 million. That's Myers Park, it's one of the best places to live in all of Charlotte, North Carolina, if not the best place.

Another one of my favorite places to live, and what I consider one of the best places to live in Charlotte, best neighborhoods in Charlotte, is called Eastover. Now, Eastover's very close to Myers Park, it's just a little bit east of Myers Park. It is grand. Homes are in a grand scale, large lots, there are some condos there. Prices are hefty as well, starting probably in the high eights, up to about $4 or $5 million.

It is, again, gorgeous, tree-lined, people walking, jogging, everybody's out enjoying the environment. It is so beautiful to go and just drive through there. One of my favorites. Myers Park, Eastover, they're kind of neck and neck in my thought process as to like the best places to live.

Now, everything is individual, I'm not sure what you're going to like. But Eastover is certainly very, very high on the list for many, many people. Again, it's older homes redone, some of them have been knocked down and rebuilt. But gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous neighborhood.

If you had your choice, which would you prefer? Would you prefer to live in an older, redone house that's done up to the nines or would you prefer to have a house knocked down and built from scratch the way that you want it to be built? Let me know in the comments below whether you want an old home, completely redone, or a brand new spanking home.

Another neighborhood on my list as best places to live is called Fox croft. Now, Fox croft is off of Fairview Road, it's an older neighborhood as well. It's in the SouthPark area, so it's a little bit further away, further south from uptown Charlotte, but it doesn't make it any less beautiful than Myers Park or Eastover. Older homes, gorgeous homes, gorgeous landscapes, tree-lined. Again, very friendly, people out and about, walking, jogging dogs. You get the picture. Very close to restaurants, very close to the airport. It's an ideal location.

SouthPark is another one of my favorite neighborhoods. Again, gorgeous homes, great location, close to the SouthPark Mall, which is the major draw for that area where all your major shopping is, and Phillips Place is there as well, something to check out. Very pretty, movie theaters, restaurants, the whole deal.

Fox croft and the neighboring SouthPark are two more of the best places, in my opinion, to live in all of Charlotte. Home prices are going to be anywhere from about $500,000 or $600,000 up into the multi-millions.

And last but not least on some of the neighborhoods and some of the best places to live in all of Charlotte, North Carolina is Cotswold. Now, Cotswold was built in the 50s and 60s, it was lower end stuff, still has some lower end homes. But what's happening because there's no more room to build in Myers Park and Eastover, they are knocking down a lot of the homes in Cotswold because of its close location to uptown Charlotte, close to SouthPark, close to Myers Park, they are knocking down a lot of homes and they are building new ones. Homes there can range anywhere from a $400,000 to $500,000 for a knockdown for something that's pretty modest, up to about $1 or $1.5 million for a home that's been knocked down and built brand new. But Cotswold is also one of the best neighborhoods to live.

All of these neighborhoods, what makes them all great, is that they're so close to uptown Charlotte yet they give you more of the suburban feel.

If you're moving to Charlotte and want to know more about these neighborhoods or want to know more about other neighborhoods, give me a call. I would love to help you. My name is Eli. I'm at 704-620-0060. The number is down below. Also, if you want to see what's available for sale, you can pop over to my website and you can check out my YouTube videos by going down to the links below in the description and checking those out. Also, for your free Charlotte Real Estate PDF that only my insiders get, go down to the description below and click on the link, and you'll get the latest information about Charlotte real estate.

If you liked this video, please share it with your friends, your family. Please give me a thumbs up, please comment, please subscribe, ding the bell. Do all that stuff for me, will you? I'd really appreciate it.

In the comments below, please let me know which one of these neighborhoods sounds like the best fit for you? Would it be Fox croft, SouthPark, Myers Park, Eastover, or Cotswold? Let me in the comments below. If you don't know, you can certainly put the word Charlotte down in the comments.

I thank you so much for watching, and until next time.