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Do you wanna know where you can live in Uptown Charlotte? Well if you do then make sure you watch this video. My name is Eli Magids, I'm a realtor here in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in luxury properties and new construction. I have a quick favor to ask you, I'm looking to get to a thousand subscribers, so if you're watching this video please hit the red subscribe button so that you'd be notified every time I upload a new video every Tuesday. And stay tuned to the very end so that you get my insiders guide about what's going on here in the Charlotte, North Carolina market as far as prices and inventories concern. Now, let's go Uptown Charlotte.

First condo complex on the list are The Ivey's. Ivey's are located right on Tryon street, major street in Uptown Charlotte. It's built in 1955 the building and the lower two floors have been taken over by a luxury five star hotel, The Ivey's. They dumped mullions upon millions of dollars, the place is off the hook. Condos there, in the Ivey's building range from about 250,000 up to about $500,000.

Next up on our list are The Skye condos. Now these are super luxury condos with some of the best views of Uptown Charlotte. In the building is one of the greatest restaurants in all of Charlotte called Fahrenheit. The views from this building are spectacular. Homes here can range from about $400,000 for a one bedroom condo up to about four million dollars. I'd say the average price for a home in The Skye condos is about 700 grand.

Next condo complex on the list is The Ratcliffe. Now the Ratcliffe is located at the Green's in Uptown Charlotte, it's right across from the major museums. There's greenery right outside so it's like a little park outside. But the thing about The Ratcliffe, it's actually attached to a mall where you can walk outside to your office building from your condo without actually walking outside, so there's like a skywalk and it connects six of the major buildings in Uptown Charlotte so you can literally not leave your complex when you're going to work in the morning. Condos here range from about 350,000 up to about $500,000.

Next up on our list is The Trust building. Now The Trust building is your power player building of Charlotte. Some of the most well known and most well to do people live in The Trust building. Most are owned by LLCs because they don't want you to know that they actually live there. Each apartment is actually one floor of The Trust building. It is a mid rise condo complex, it has a restaurant inside of it. It's got blocked off parking, so it's pretty secure. Two notable residents of The Trust building are Michael Jordan, one of his many residences here in Charlotte, and Cam Newton as well.

Next up on our list is 230 South Tryon street. Now 230 South Tryon obviously is right on South Tryon. An ideal location in Uptown Charlotte. It's an old school building built in 1971. Apartments here go from $300,000 up to a two level penthouse apartment which is currently for sale for 3.8 million bucks. It is a beautiful, beautiful building and it's got one of the best locations in Uptown Charlotte.

Next up on our list is a high rise, one of the high rises here in Charlotte. It's called The Avenue. The Avenue is a full service, basically high rise building. It has apartments from one bedroom going for about 250,000 up to two bedrooms for 450,000. If you're looking for a full service, high rise condo building The Avenue may be for you.

What about The Vue?

The Vue, I'm so glad you asked me about The Vue. The Vue is a super cool building. It is the fifth tallest building in Uptown Charlotte. It's not New York city, but it's the largest building for a condo between Miami and New York city, 50 [storeys 00:04:46] high. Again, full service building. Now what happened to this building it was built during the 2007 housing crisis and a lot of the apartments did not sell so they turned it into some of them are now rentals. But there are condos that are available currently. There's a condo available for 1.3 million dollars. It is hands down one of the coolest buildings in all of Charlotte. Again, it's one of the major buildings in the skyline of Charlotte.

Now let me ask you a question. If you had a choice would you rather live on the top floor of the tallest building in Charlotte at The Vue, or would you rather have the condo right underneath Micheal Jordan? Let me know in the comments below.

Next up on our list is 5th and Poplar. Poplar is a good name for it because it's actually a very popular condominium complex. Homes there, condos range from 250 up to about $450,000. The cool thing about 5th and Poplar is that all of the buildings surround each other, so there's essential green area, it's the largest green area in Uptown Charlotte, other than Romare Bearden park, and there's a pool right there in the middle. It's pretty cool, everybody's kind of like one big, happy family at 5th and Poplar. Again, it's one of the most popular places to live in the Uptown Charlotte area.

The Trademark is a high rise building in Uptown Charlotte. Condos, 28 floors high, pool inside with sundeck. Each of the apartments has an open loft type of feeling and each apartment has its own private balcony. Located near BB&T field, Romare Bearden park and the Bank of America stadium.

400 North Church is a big rise condo complex ranging from $300,000 up to about $700,000. There's greenery right in front of it and right in front of the greenery the little park area is right into the Uptown Charlotte business area, so you're right by work. If you live up there you can walk right out of your building right to work.

And my favorite buildings in Uptown Charlotte. It's not technically in Uptown, just outside of Uptown in South End, but it's walking distance or a quick links ride. It's Uptown Charlotte, The Arlington. It's pink, it's beautiful, it's got a rooftop pool, unbelievable views. Apartments range there from about 250,000 up to about 770,000. Private balconies, the place is the bomb.

Now I can't speak to every single place that's available to live in the Uptown Charlotte area, because there are many, many more. There are beautiful town homes, luxury town homes that overlook Uptown Charlotte in the million dollar range. There are other apartments as well, lofts. But those are the highlights.

If you haven't seen my other video about Uptown Charlotte and what's to do there, please take a look at that video, the link will be below and above. There you have the lowdown of some of the best places to live in Uptown Charlotte. If you're think of making the move to Uptown Charlotte, if you're looking for a home or a condo, give me a call, my name is Eli, my number is 704-620-0060. My number is down below. Also, go down below into the description where there's my link for my insiders guide to Charlotte real estate, the prices, what's going on with the prices and what's going on with the inventory, so that you know what's going on. Go down to the description, click the link and get that free report.

If you liked this video please subscribe, please give me a thumbs up, please comment below, please share, please give it to your friends and your family. One more question: Are you a condo person or are you a single family home person? Let me know in the comments below because I can find you anything that you are looking for here in Charlotte. I thank you so much for watching and until next time.