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Well, if you are, you are in the right place. My name is Eli Magids, I'm a realtor here in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in luxury properties and new home construction. If you want to find a home and life that you love please consider subscribing to my channel, hitting the bell so you'll get notified if I upload a bran new video every Tuesday and stayed tuned to the very end where I'm gonna give you a free gift which may save you a boatload of money. So let's go look at new homes Charlotte, North Carolina. Today, I'm taking you to a neighborhood called the Falls in Weddington by Tow Brothers, located in Weddington on the borderline with Mecklenburg County which is Charlotte and Union County.

It's a new development by Toll Brothers. Toll Brothers is almost sold out. The remaining lots that they have, they are pretty much discounting and whatever other portion of the neighborhood they have left over they are selling to another developer. Prices for Toll Brothers are gonna range from 700 up to about a million dollar. Square footage, 4000 up to about 6000 square feet. Now take a look at how beautiful these homes are. There are some beautiful basement lots still available which they are discounting, which brings me to a question. Which would you prefer, would you prefer a home that has a basement and a basement lot or would you prefer just the two or three story home without a basement? Let me know in the comments below.

Now I'm gonna take you into a spec home. This spec home could be purchased for about $750,000 although I think we can get it for a little bit less at this point. Look how beautiful it is when you walk into this open great room overlooking a wooded lot, which is at least a half an acre and opening up into this beautiful kitchen. Then you have a rear staircase that leads up to the master bedroom and to this stunning master bath. Highly, highly rated schools, close to shopping, a beautiful amenities center with a pool overlooking a lake, what's not to like? If you are looking for new homes in Charlotte, North Carolina or you're looking for a resale home in Charlotte, North Carolina or the vicinity around Charlotte, North Carolina give me a call. My name is Eli, I'm at 704-630-0060. Make sure you check out my other Charlotte videos.

I talk about uptown Charlotte, downtown Charlotte, neighborhoods, things to do. Those links are gonna below in the description or above me in the little cards. And while you're down there in the description, click on the link that's gonna give you my free guide, which will potentially save you boatloads of money. If you liked this video and you're looking for a home and a life that you love, please subscribe, hit the bell and give this video a thumbs up. One more question, one more question, if you had the option, would you purchase a home with a very wooded lot where you wouldn't see any of your neighbors? Or would you purchase a lot where you could see some of your neighbors? Give me a comment below, let me know which one you would prefer.

I thank you so much for watching and until we see each other next time.