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Are you looking for new homes in Charlotte, North Carolina? Well if you are, then you're in the right place. My name is Eli Magids and I'm a realtor here in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializing in luxury properties and new home construction. If you want to find a home and a life that you love, please hit the subscribe button and the bell so you'll be notified when my fresh videos are uploaded every Tuesday.

Eli Magids: Last week, I did the pros of purchasing new construction homes here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Today's video, by the end, you'll know my cons against purchasing a brand new home.

So con number one is that you typically will get very small lots when you purchase new home construction. The builders obviously gonna chop up the land to get as many homes as he can in there, so the more new the construction is, typically, there's some areas here in Charlotte where you will get a bigger lot, but most new home building is gonna be on a smaller lot.

Con number two for purchasing a new home is that you're not going to have mature looking neighborhoods when you purchase a new home build. You're gonna lack the big trees. You're gonna lack the natural beauty of an older, established neighborhood.

Con number three. When you go into a new home construction neighborhood, you're pretty much getting a cookie cutter neighborhood. Now there are some exceptions, and the builders do their best to try and not to make the homes look alike, but typically when you go into a new home construction, you're going into a cookie cutter type of neighborhood, which is not the case when you go into an older, established resale home neighborhood.

The next two cons are, in my opinion, the biggest cons against purchasing new home construction. Firstly, is the cost. New homes usually cost about 20% more than a similar home that is a resale. That's number one.

Number two, or part B, let's say of that, is that if you go into a new home construction thinking that you're gonna wheel and deal your way to fancy new home, you're gonna get price knock down. Forget about it. New home construction, very hard to negotiate. What they ask is typically what they get. That is why it's so important to get yourself a good real estate agent because they know what the home builders have and they know what they can do as far as prices are concerned.

The last new home that I sold, I was able to save 10% off the price just because I knew the home builder. It was the right time of the year. We also got them a washing machine and a dryer and a refrigerator but that's not usual. Typically, you are not getting a deal when you got into a new home construction. The only thing that they may give you is some money towards upgrades in their design center. Just realize there's not going to be any wheelin' and dealin' with prices. Resale homes you can wheel and deal a little bit, sometimes a lot.

Number one rule, real estate. Location, location, location. Brand new homes you're not getting the best location here in Charlotte. We're expanding north. We're expanding south, east and west, all over, we're expanding but you're not getting the best location if you want a brand new home. Only way you're getting a great location with a brand new home is if you buy a resale home, knock it down and build it back up.

So what's happening here is we're pushing out into the suburbs. We're going into Union County. We're going into Weddington, Morven, Fort Mills, South Carolina, Rock Hill, but you're not getting the ideal location of being in the center of it all.

I have a quick question. Based on what I've said so far, are you still for a new home construction or leaning now against new home construction? Please comment below and let me know.

Con number five against purchasing a new home construction is that if you go into a neighborhood in the beginning of the construction, you're essentially going to be living in a construction zone for at least a couple of years. If you get into the middle of the neighborhood, it's gonna be a least a year until construction is finished. So just realize when you go into a new construction home, unless it's completely finished, the neighborhood finished you're gonna be living with dump trucks and banging and hammering and all kinds of noise for a least a couple of years.

So while you may be thinking that a brand new construction home is the way to go and may be the perfect choice for you, you really need to think about your lifestyle choices. Where you're gonna be working. Where you're kids gonna be playing and where you really want to be. You're not just buying a house but your buying a home and a neighborhood.

So if you're looking for new home construction. If you're looking for a resale home. If you're looking to relocate to Charlotte, or if you need to sell a home in Charlotte, give me a call. My name is Eli. I'm at 704-620-0060.

If you want to find a home and a life that you love, remember to subscribe. Hit the notification bell so you'll get notified every time my fresh videos come out every Tuesday.

Remember to go down to the description below where I have links to my other videos talking all about Charlotte and make sure you watch my video, The Pros of Purchasing New Construction, which is gonna be up above me here in the cards.

So after hearing my pros and cons of new construction housing, which one are you leaning towards? Are you leaning toward new construction or are you leaning towards a resale home? Please comment below. Let me know which one you still prefer.

I thank you so much for watching and until next time.